Sometimes, soulful-relaxation in a house music track is all that you need to make it permeate into the hearts and rhythms of people, and the Cuebur Remix of Mmelashon’s Children Of The Ghetto is one of those tracks.

Mmelashon was destined to sing as her passion for soulful and heartfelt music followed her wherever she went growing up as a young girl. She was part of her high school’s orchestra; she sang in community theatre musicals, gospel choirs, and finally, made her way into the Navy band (her father was in the military) as a lead vocalist in Europe. Her voice is truly a gem that has been refined and polished through hard work and time.

The mastermind of this remix, Cuebur, is definitely one of SA’s fastest rising, kick-ass producer/DJ. Each track that he lays his musical genius on becomes the people’s anthem on the dance floors and radio airwaves. He has recently collaborated with another musical genius, DJ Shimza, on the track I’ll Be Back (featuring 340ML), which is still rocking the local house music scene. His album, titled Awakened Spirit recently dropped, and can be found in all good music stores.

As for his remix of Children Of The Ghetto, it is nothing short of utter brilliance which has done well in capturing the ear and rhythm of true house music lovers. It is one of those tracks that will elevate any party, getting people dancing like there’s no tomorrow. Peep it right here:



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